ASUS WLAN Promotion "Get cash with ASUS WLAN routers" - Terms & Conditions

ASUSTek Computer Inc.Cash Back Promotion: Terms and conditions

This cash back promotion will be executed by ASUSTek Computer Inc. („ASUS“). The customers accept the following terms and conditions („T&C“) by their participation.  


1. Legal conditions

This information about refund and participation, combined with the ASUS Terms of Use Notice and the ASUS Privacy Policy are the basis of these T&C.

By participating in the promotion the customer agrees on these T&Cs. ASUS is allowed to change these T&C at any time without a notice. Participants are obliged to accept these changes.


2. Promotion period and setting

The purchase period goes from 21st, May 2018 – 10th, June, 2018 (invoice date). The cash back redemption is possible between 11th, June, 2018 – 08th, July, 2018.

All valid promotional products (attachment „promotional products“) have to be purchased between 21st, May 2018 – 10th, June, 2018 online or at a store (attachment „eligible partners“) in the promotion area (attachment „promotion area“).


3. Right to participate

ASUS-employees, employees from affiliate and/or partner or cooperating companies and agencies, dealers, distributors and their employees are excluded from the promotion. Dealers and distributors are not allowed to claim on behalf of their customers.

Participants need to be residents of a country in the promotion area.

The participation is free of charge and unattached to the purchase of goods or services.


4. Subject and rules of participation

The participant needs to buy valid promotional products within the promotional period from an eligible reseller in the promotion area. He needs to claim his claim until July 08th, 2018 via the ASUS online form, set here:

He needs to provide his personal information, information about the purchased products, including Serial number and PPID and an upload of the valid invoice.

The participant needs to upload a valid invoice. Personal invoice information (Name, Address) have to correspond to the redemption-information.

The participant has to purchase from a dealer in his residential country.

Hired or leased products are excluded from the promotion.

A delivery note or an order-screenshot are no valid uploads.

The promotion cannot be combined with a different ASUS-promotion.


5. Promotional products

It is necessary to buy one of new original ASUS products, set on the „promotional products “-list.

Every participant is only allowed to claim 1 time.

If the participant returns his promotional product, the cash back will be cancelled. Already paid-out claims have to be refunded to ASUS, plus an additional 75,00€ handling fee.


6. Redemption

The participant receives a confirmation email after the redemption. ASUS checks the redemption and with a second confirmation email the participant gets the information, if his claim is valid or not.

After the validation, the participant will receive the cash back with a email confirmation.

If the participant does not receive a confirmation email within this time frame, he may get in touch with the support team via‘


7. Early termination

ASUS has the right to end or pause the promotion at any time, if there happen to be malfunctions, disruptions, frauds, viruses or similar incidents and if administration, security, fairness, integrity or the procedure of the promotion are affected.

There are no options of claims or demands, following the early termination.


8. Data privacy

Personal data such as names, adresses, etc will be saved by ASUS just within the promotion and under proportion of the ASUS Privacy Policy (

These data will be hold in strict confidence and won’t be disclosed to others. After the promotion all data will be deleted.


9. Approval

By sending the submission form the participant approves that he has read and accept the T&Cs. ASUS has the right to change the T&Cs at any time. If the participant dos not agree with the changes, he might cancel his claim by sending a mail to

Recourse to the courts is not permitted.



Promotional products and cash back

Lyra 3PK 100€     
Lyra 2PK 50€
Lyra 1PK 30€
Lyra Trio 30€
Lyra Mini 3PK 70€
Lyra Mini 2PK 50€
Lyra Mini 1PK 30€
GT-AC5300 70€
RT-AC5300 50€
RT-AC88U 50€
RT-AC86U 50€
RT-AC2900 50€
RT-AC68U 30€
RT-AC1900U 30€
RT-AC67U Dualpack     30€
BRT-AC828 150€  
Blue Cave 30€
RT-AC58U 50€
RP-AC87 30€
RP-AC68U 50€


Participating dealer:


Media Markt
PC Maasland
Wifi Media



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