TOP 5 Questions

In most cases, this is a problem of the used device or software. Please (temporarily) deactivate all browser plugins and browser extensions that are preventing the normal use of the ASUS promotional website. Please use an up-to-date device with the latest software to register. Please update your browser to the latest version. The following programs may cause problems:

  • NoScript
  • Adblock+

If the problem persists, we recommend that you try another device to register.

If you have not received a promotion code (e.g. on your invoice or email), please contact your participating retailer first. Please note that your retailer's support team may need 1-2 days to answer your questions, especially after weekends or holidays.

You will find the serial number of your ASUS product either on the box or the packaging of your product and/or directly on your retailer's invoice. Please check if the serial number matches the product, packaging and invoice (if applicable).

After your application has been verified, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. These e-mails are delivered technically correct in 99.9% of all cases. If you have not received an email, please check your spam folder and deactivate your email filter. We also recommend that you use a common e-mail provider. If you are using one of the following email services and your email address is on:

  • @hotmail
  • @outlook
  • @msn
  • @live
  • @microsoft

we kindly ask you to check your spam folder in any case.

The processing time of your application and the shipment of the game code or the transfer of the cashback amount varies depending on the promotion.

Please check the confirmation email and the conditions of participation for further information.